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Ancient Replicas, the Internet Museum of Greek Art of Antiquity with affiliated replica shipping - worldwide, please contact me if you have any questions regarding postage costs.

Museums can borrow exhibits free of charge for temporary exhibitions. It is also possible to reproduce largely destroyed painted / unpainted vessel originals in their entirety as replicas. Please contact me.
Unique art for the home, in the office. You are not looking for a Jeff Koons, no Jackson Pollock, you want art at moderate prices? Then take a look around.
You have three ways of displaying the Antique Replicas platform: First of all, an animation from different perspectives travels over the exhibits. You can stop them by clicking on one of the small pictures and a magnifying glass will open on the right side of the screen. Clicking on one of the thumbnails again, all pictures are much bigger.
You order on account or pay by PayPal and have an unlimited right of return for the museum reproductions, produced in craftsman's family businesses in Greece, within 30 days. 
 The exhibits are made of Keramin, a high-strength, expensive special gypsum that is often used in model making. Also
Special productions are possible. Please contact me (Peter Seitz,
No sales to advertising agencies, communication agencies, event agencies, creative agencies or similar.