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Tanagra with Tholia, hand-painted, 19.8 cm, 0.26 kg, National Museum of Athens

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Weight per unit: 0,26 kg

 This female statuette represents a typical representative of the art style that is found almost exclusively in Boiotia. 

The lady is wrapped in a floor-length robe, while a circular straw sun hat called a tholia is emblazoned on her head. Tholias were attached to the headscarf by robe pins and often decorated with concentric circles of colour. With the painted fan in the shape of a leaf in her hand, also made of straw, she continues to ward off the sun and wag cooling. 

Often the tana grasses were provided with a small opening on the back from which hot gases could escape during the firing process. This prevented the figures from tearing.

Female statuette, terracotta, from a Boiot tomb, c. 265 BC.
Replica original size made of terracotta, hand-painted

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