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Tanagra - distinguished lady with fan 24.5 cm, 8 cm wide, 0.6 kg, National Museum of Athens

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A distinguished lady as Tanagra

She wears as an undergarment a floor-touching, in this case sack-like chiton, probably made of linen, which could be slipped over the head. The men's chiton ended at the thighs. Over this she wore a rectangular
cloak, called himation, which is dyed at the hems.

In her left hand the young lady holds a fan painted with a palmette motif, probably woven from straw.

Her hair is parted and formed into a small chignon near her forehead.
near the forehead, the hairstyle at the back of the head has been
tamed into a kind of halo.

The replica is true to the original in size and material - terracotta.
true to the original. The paint was applied by hand.

Exhibit of the National Archaeological Museum of Athens,
about 230 BC

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