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Platon/Plato main 20 cm, 8.2 cm wide, 0.9 kg weight, Glyptothek Munich

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Original Glyptothek Munich

 Plato was, along with his teacher Socrates, one of the most important philosophers of antiquity.

The thinker Plato (lat. Plato), who came from a noble family, led the questioning conversation of Socrates to the dialectical discussion of the knowledge of good and virtue, to the ideas. 

Plato describes the path to the knowledge of ideas in the allegory of the cave.

Plato (427 - 347 B.C.) exerted a tremendous influence on the development of philosophy. Up to the present day, every objective idealism has in one form or another tied in with Platonic motives of thought. 

Even in the rationalist systems of thought of R. Descartes, Baruch de Spinoza and G. W. Leibniz, Plato's thoughts had an effect. 

Plato's works, there are 22 treatises, are all preserved. The most important are "Apology", "Kriton" and "Phaidon", in which he quotes his teacher Socrates, as well as "Symposion", "Protagoras", "Politeia", "Parmenides" and "Nomoi".

One of Plato's most famous students was the later educator and teacher of Alexander the Great, the natural scientist and philosopher Aristotle, founder of the Peripatetic School.

Even today, we still refer to Platonic love as a non-sensual, idealized love bond, in the philosophical sense love in Plato's metaphysical interpretation (in his work "Symposion").

Two quotations from Plato: "If you want to heal the body, you must first heal the soul.

"Learn to listen, and you will also benefit from those who speak only foolishness."

Original in the Glyptothek Munich, dated 350 BC, replica reduction with black artificial marble base

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