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Aulos Player Flute Player No 3910 from Cyclades, 23 cm, 1 kg

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Weight per unit: 1 kg

Original representation of the Aulos player and the sitting harp player found in the same grave. The following link leads you directly to the exhibit of the Aulos player in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens (in the last third, please scroll down to the illustrations):


Aulos player from the Cyclades Island Keros,

dating from 2,800-2,300 BC. Replica is 23 cm in size. Exhibited at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens under No. 3910. 

The Aulos player was found together with a sitting harp player - see photo above - in a grave on Keros. (You can also find the harp player in the program.)

The Aulos was the most important wind instrument of ancient Greece. No flute, more like a shawm or oboe with a double reed. The instrument, which is always doubly occuring, consists of a long cylindrical or slightly conical tube (bombyx) and a double-shaped extension piece (holmos), in which a tongue platelet is inserted as mouthpiece. 
Four grip holes are on top of the tube, a fifth one below. The Aulos was often used in the orgiastic cult of the wine god Dionysos, its tone is considered sharp and penetrating.

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