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Hera replica, wife of Zeus, 38 cm, 5,6 kg

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Weight per unit: 5,6 kg


The following link leads you directly to the original picture about pinterest in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens:

 Hera, the supreme Greek goddess, 

Queen of Heaven (lat. Juno), daughter of Kronos and Rhea, sister of Demeter, Hades, Hestia, Poseidon and Zeus, wife of Zeus, children of Hera and Zeus were Ares, Hebe, Hephaistos and Eileithyia.

Hera persecuted her rivals (Io, Kallisto, Leto, Semele, to name but a few) in jealousy and hatred and cruelly persecuted their children (the best known example is Heracles).  

In the competition decided by the Trojan Paris in favour of Aphrodite for the prize of the most beautiful woman, in which Hera and Athena lost, she became the enemy of all Trojans. For us, the Erisapfel, the victory trophy of the goddess Aphrodite, is still synonymous with an object of dispute.

Ixion, the mythical king of the lapiths, was bound by Zeus, as he indecently approached his wife, in the tartaros on an eternally spinning, fiery wheel.

The original of the goddess mother is exhibited in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens under inventory number 1571. It is assigned to the Greek. Sculptor Polykleitos, who lived in the 2nd half of the 5th century BC.

Next to Pheidias, Polykleitos was the leading sculptor of the high classics.

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