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Bull head knossos palast replica, 25 cm, 1,4 kg - Kopie

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Original, Museum in Heraklion

The following link leads you via pinterest directly to the original picture in the museum in Heraklion:


 A Rhyton (Greek "drinking horn"), a sacrificial, also drinking vessel,

 mostly made of metal or fired clay, often funnel-shaped, often in the shape of an animal or human head, with neck and handle, served sacred and profane purposes. 

Drinking offerings (Greek sponde, hence "donation", lat. libatio) were usually offered together with other, mostly bloody victims and also in the cult of the dead. The liquids offered were mostly wine, water, milk and oil. The libation was poured out on the burning sacrificial animals at the beginning and end of the sacrifice. 

Even in the secular area, a libation was poured out of each potion at the beginning, at the meal after the meal.

In contrast to the libation, the kottabo can probably be discerned. The symposium (Greek: "banquet"), drink, drinking was usually held after a meal enjoyed together. Often the Kottabos, a cheerful Greek party game, was integrated, in which the rest of the wine had to be thrown out of the drinking vessel so skilfully against a disc lying loose on a stand that it fell down noisily. Or a small bowl floating in a water basin had to be hit and sunk.

Cretan bull's head rhyton from the palace of Knossos in Crete, dated 1550-1500 BC, exhibit of the museum in Heraklion.

Reduced size replica made of ceramine (high-strength special gypsum), in bronze finish.

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